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“When techniques and scientific developments are directed toward improvement in breast surgery, an ideal opportunity exist for restoration and improvement of the quality of life…to achieve an artistic, gratifying result…a great source of satisfaction…” ~R.B.Noone, MD.


D’Onofrio’s technique for breast reduction and lift involves some modifications to the “Owl” incisions, improving the plasticity and naturalness of result, with minimal scar. (view presentation)

Nose tip reshaping with closed technique and personal instruments for alar cartilages is currently performed in respect of nose esthetic lines.

Abdominoplasty combined with liposuction and less undermining, preserving lateral perforator vessels and low abdomen sensitivity in a tumescent technique gives the best result and a prompt recovery.


The border between Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery is apparent. We rebuild tissues and function looking for harmony, which is “aesthetics.” In addition, we perform cosmetic surgery on patients looking for restoring the lost shape and function.

Cosmetic Surgery, alone, does not automatically bring happiness or success to one’s life; however it allows us to achieve a better balance between our feeling and our appearance.

Plastic surgery may not be for every woman, but for the right candidate it can fix what diet and exercise can’t ultimately accomplish. ~David Lickstein, MD.

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