Biography/Career Profile

  • Crescenzo D’Onofrio – born in Italy (1950)
  • Acquired degree in Medicine & Surgery at Rome State University (1979)
  • Started training in plastic surgery at S. Eugenio Research Institute, Plastic Surgery DPT, Rome (1980)
  • From November 1980 to November 1981 at Surgical Pathology DPT – Rome State University
  • Trained at “Bambino Gesu” Research Institute, Plastic Surgery DPT(1982-86).
  • After one year spent at S. Gallicano Research Institute (1987), established a private practise in Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery at Paideia Hospital, Rome (1989-1999), with travel intervals in Europe and to Brazil for medical conferences and  professional development.
  • Acquired post-graduate degree in Plastic Surgery at Catania University (1988).
  • Traveled to Mozambique and performed many surgical procedures on congenital and secondary deformities at the Alua Comboni Mission (July-August 1999).
  • After returning to Italy from Mozambique, joined the Founders Board in Rome promoting the Economia Alternativa Association for health projects in Southern Africa.
  • Appointed by the Italian Foreign Office (International Cooperation), as Plastic Surgeon Project Coordinator, to bring surgical specialised assistance to the women disfigured by sulphuric acid in Bangladesh and for training of local surgeons (2000).
  • Appointed by UNUNICEF (International Medical Corps) as Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeon in charge of removing child combat war tattoos in Sierra Leone and for training of local surgeons (2001-2002). See the link  www.ugopanella.it
  • After an international advertisement, appointed as Senior Lecturer at Aga Khan University Hospital (Nairobi, Kenya) in charge for Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery (2004).
  • Created the Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery Centre at Karen Hospital (Nairobi, Kenya) which caters to local and international clientele (2006).
  • Networking/Conferences (1988-present):
    – attend and participate in global seminars relating Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery.
    – wrote numerous scientific publications and lectures in International Congresses about
    Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery.

Professional Training & Certifications