Cosmetic Surgery

We perform most of the cosmetic surgical procedures in day care, under local anaesthetic with general sedation. A very diluted local anaesthetic is injected in a “wet technique”, to have a clean surgical field, reducing at  minimum the bleeding and the post-operative discomfort.

We use no drains, and desolvable stitches only.

Advice is given for the pre-operative period (almost one week before and after surgery) for no smoking, no alcohol, and no aspirin or other drugs which can interfere with blood coagulation.
The young patients in whom pregnancy may be expected will be able to breast feed after breast reduction, lift, or implant.

The patient is advised to provide, the day of the surgery, a new size bra if undergo breast surgery, and/or an elastic garment if undergo abdominoplasty or liposuction, to wear immediately after the surgical procedure.

The medium healing time is about 2-3 weeks for most of the cosmetic procedures.