Reconstructive Surgery

A great deal of progress has been achieved, over the past decade, in the field of reconstructive surgery: the diffusion of specialized centers in high-tech countries allowed us to acquire extensive experience and suggested to us more reliable techniques both, for function and cosmetic.

We also lent a helping hand – from 1999 to 2003 – in plastic surgery projects in developing countries. Please see this link and this link for more info.

We particularly paid attention to the area of burn contracture surgery, which is most frequently performed on women and children since we’ve undertaking 246 cases of contractures. Just considering the two patient’s categories most frequently injured, we developed, with positive result, some technique based on our experience and on important considerations:

  • The skin grafts tend to contract and interfere, during the next years, with normal process of growing children.
  • Therefore we give preference, almost in flexor areas, to transposition flaps, sometime complex, yet reliable for blood supply and integration in children growing process.
  • When local flaps are impossible, because of local tissues’ extensive damage, we prefer to transplant a very thin skin, rather than thick, also in flexor areas.
  • The thinnest grafts attach quickly and by appropriate early mobilization, stimulate connective tissues rise, also in limb flexor areas. Besides they give a better cosmetic result.
  • We apply the above-mentioned technique also in young women with disfiguring and retracting scar on the face.
  • The thin graft has to be take with high precision, by electric dermatome if possible, and has to be applied with the same precision, without suture. If need to be fixed steri-strips will be useful. It is very important compressive wrapping and early mobilization of interested area.